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Creative Design

Success is not a coincidence, it’s designed. Effective design should not only be beautiful in the eyes of the target audience, but the payoff of careful research and strategic thinking. Put simply, design matters!

How we approach Design

There’s a science when it comes to the way we design.

When we design, we don’t leave things to chance. We begin with research, and with your help, truly understand the value you provide at every touchpoint. This requires us to look at your business, your market, your marketing, your product roadmap, your audience, and your goals. With these understandings, we’re ready to make great design decisions.


We provide a total brochure design service including copywriting, photography & translation as well as litho or digital printing. Our design team have many years’ experience in bringing creative design skills to the development of an award-winning publication.


we are happy to support you with the advertising within the publication. So, whether you require a simplistic 4pp bulletin, an electronic 20pp newsletter design or an ongoing monthly 100pp magazine, you can rely on Design Inc to provide engaging publications that are created for both employees as well as clients.


As a direct mail agency, we offer the full range of litho and digital print management services to ensure your direct mail campaign perfectly meets your quality, speed and cost requirements. This also includes personalised printing so that your direct mail can be even more targeted. Furthermore, our direct mail fulfilment team has years of experience from the supply of specialised envelopes to the dispatch and delivery of hundreds of thousands of direct mail items worldwide.

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Point of Sale

Point of sale design is a highly effective and non-invasive advertising solution to help increase consumer spend. Building a successful strategy depends on good timing, the right design, positioning and most importantly the messaging used in the design.

retail branding

Retail branding is a strategy based on the brand concept and which transfers it to a retail company. A retailer's “products” are his stores that can be marketed in a similar way to a branded good. A retail brand is then a group of the retailer's outlets which carry a unique name, symbol, logo or combination thereof

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